What is BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags? BOPP laminated woven polypropylene bags have an excellent photographic appearance. Multi-color printed BOPP laminated woven sacks / bags are mastery manufactured by Bhairav Raffia Ahmedabad. We are using quality raw material, which gives in its high usage value. It belongs to the mixture of woven polypropylene utilized to compose the bags and an extra layer or laminated covering. These multi-color printed Bopp laminated woven bags are growing our brand value with its high-quality printing, stunning designs, beautiful image.

Bhairav Raffia is a manufacturer of BOPP laminated woven bags offered by Ahmedabad, Gujarat. BOPP laminated woven sacks. Our variety of laminated woven bags and pouches are mostly applied as a replacement for jute and paper packing.We are the best manufacturer of BOPP laminated woven bags with windows with particular features.


  • The whole bag remains multicolored and printed, but a tiny part omits transparent to represent the product in a packet, and that is called a window.
  • The window part of the bag with the design in such a way that it seems extra attractive and wonderful.
  • We are applying absolute rough substances without any mixtures.
  • To get themost clarity on the window portion, and this makes the bag more beautiful.
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